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Where to Find Free Printable Crossword Puzzles

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The web may have been made for information, but it is used for games – one of the most widespread of which is the crossword puzzle. Beyond the daily newspaper or puzzle book, several websites provide printable crossword puzzles for free.

The site offers a variety of crossword puzzles in both American and British styles, many of which are printable. To obtain the printable crossword puzzles, click the “get started” button on their homepage, then click on the button that says “casual printable.” It will give you the option to print any of seven daily printable crossword puzzles along with a backlog of puzzles from the last month, in both HTML and PDF format.

USA Today

The USA Today provides printable crossword puzzles for Monday through Friday on its website, including an archive of about a month’s worth of puzzles. From the link, click on the date of the crossword you would like to select, then click on the name of the crossword to open it. It will give you the option to print or to simply play the puzzle interactively in your browser.

The website has a variety of available word games. To access the printable crossword puzzles, begin by clicking the “crosswords” link on the sidebar. From there, choose the link that says “standard US” to open the list of available puzzles. Their current database includes 76 standard American printable crossword puzzles along with a selection of other styles including cryptic and themed crosswords.

The website has a selection of printable crossword puzzles of a few different sizes. From the homepage, there are links to four different puzzle sizes with grids ranging from 18 by 18 to 12 by 12; choose a size and click the appropriate link. Each size has 90 corresponding puzzles, all of which can be printed.

Check your favorite newspaper’s website:

The New York Times requires a subscription to access its crosswords, but many other papers allow free access to their online puzzles. The Boston Globe and Houston Chronicle highlight the list of newspaper crossword providers.


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