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Where to Find Free Printable Jumble Word Puzzles

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The daily Jumble began appearing in newspapers over 50 years ago. Now as newspapers are becoming less popular, you can find free printable jumble word puzzles online. The following websites provide access to the daily jumble, themed word jumbles, and a create your own jumble application.


The website of the Jumble itself provides access to the daily puzzle as well as a backlog of puzzles from the previous month. To access the daily printable Jumble word puzzles, click the “Jumble online games” tab on the site’s home page. It will unveil a series of links; click the one that reads “Daily Jumble,” then click the play button that appears on the new page. If you want to print the daily Jumble, simply take a screenshot of the puzzle (this can be accomplished by clicking the print screen button on your keyboard; it may read “prt scrn” or “prt sc”), then paste it to a picture program like Microsoft Paint.

The website is a great source of worksheets and puzzles for teachers to use in the classroom, but anyone can access its contents. This site provides both a selection of pre-made puzzles and the option to create your own printable jumble word puzzles. To access the jumbles, click the “printable worksheets” tab on the home page. From there, select the “word scramble maker” and select one of their prepared jumbles or choose the option to make your own.

This website provides 25 separate printable jumble word puzzles. On the home page, the left sidebar lists links to a series of themed and generic jumble puzzles. Once you select one, it will bring you right to the game which you can print straight through your browser. You can access the solutions by clicking on each scrambled word.


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