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Aliens in The Attic Film Review

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Tom is having a hard time at school as he is brainy so decides to mess his grades up to try and fit in. His father is not happy about this so decides they need a family vacation to try and bond and sort out the problems. They head off to Creak Landing and meet up with Granny, Uncle and Cousins. The arrogant boyfriend of Tom’s elder sister also turns up.

Things are not going to well for Tom as his cousin is bossing him around but things are about to change when the power and TV starts to go funny and Tom is sent to investigate.

On the roof of the house Tom discovers that the satellite has been destroyed and soon discovers that it was aliens who did it. The aliens soon make themselves known and start trying to control and take over the humans. It falls to Tom and the children of the house to try and get rid of the aliens and save the world but can they do this and can Tom sort out his school problems?

I was looking forward to watching this film as both me and hubby enjoy the children’s film which have been made recently as they make for some good light hearted entertainment. This one was good and we enjoyed the storyline but it was not one of the best we have seen by a long shot. The story was good and I liked the aliens but there was so much more which could have been done with the story and it cold have been developed more. The acting was good and I enjoyed the role of Tom and boyfriend Rickey and thought they were the stars of the film.

Tom was played by Carter Jenkins and he was good, he played a typical teenager having the normal problems they all face. He showed a caring side when it came to his younger sister and strength when it came to defending his family. He had a good on screen presence and delivered all of his lines with ease and made his character very believable. The role of Rickey was played by Robert Hoffman and he took to the role with ease. He came across as big headed and arrogant for the majority of the film but he changed when he was being controlled by the aliens and he took to the robotic style of the character very well and made for some very funny viewing. We had a lot of good support role which include actors, Austin Robert Butler, Ashley Tisdale, Henri and Regan Young and Doris Roberts. I love the role Doris took as the Nana as she bought so much comedy to the film ad I loved her ninja fighting scenes.

There was a good mix of character and it made for some good mixed viewing, the role of the parents was not very central to the story and I think they could have been included more to give this more of an appeal to the watching parents.

The film does have some very funny moments in it and both me and hubby loved them, there were a few times when it was verging on being daft but as we were both in the mind frame for some daft fun we loved them all and I think children will find this film very funny indeed. The comic timing was good and so to were the gags they did with the computer animated aliens. I thought that all of the actors worked well with the effects, especially young Hannah who befriended one of them as they worked closely together for a few of the scenes. The aliens looked good and reminded me of the crazy frog. They were not at all scary and I don’t think even very young children will be scared at all watching this film. They were believable aliens and even had good details and expressions and were really bought to life with the voices they were given.

The props and sets were all very good and there were no noticeably added bad drops and the computer images blended well with the humans. The music was good but not at all memorable and now after only watching this last night I cannot remember a single track which was used.

This is a film only review so there are no bonus features to speak about. The running time of the film is 86 minutes and I found this to be a great length and the story moved at a good pace from start to finish so I think children should manage to sit and watch the whole things without loosing interest. The rate is a PG but I think this is suitable for all ages. The DVD can be bought for around the £5 price and I think this is reasonable.

I am going to recommend this film and give it 3 stars. I would have loved to have given it more but I think there was more which could have been done with the story and I would have liked slightly more adult humour for the parents who have to sit and watch. It is definitely one for children around the 6-10 years of age to watch as they will find it hilarious.



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