Thursday, December 14

10 Tips on How to Make Effective Decisions.

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10 tips on how to make effective decisions.

Good decisions come from experience and experience comes from bad decisions.  Our state of life in the future is a result of decisions we make today.  Here are some tips on how to make effective decisions in our personal lives.

1.  Do not ask others to make decisions for you.

2.  Surround yourself with facts.  Search distorted facts, weeds.

Three.  Discuss the advantages and disadvantages.  Know what you found.  See the consequences of his decision.  when you decide, and act on it, forget it.  Do not worry about the result.

4.  Do not let people hostile when you talk about issues that require a great decision.  Clearer thinking is the answer, no animated discussions and tantrums.

5 persuade others to see their point of view, not trying to scare accept.  You can win the point but lose the match.

6.  Never make important decisions when you are angry, sick, or in any way with affective disorders.  Do not answer a letter, while in the state of mind.

7.  Put your concerns in writing.

8.  Turn your problem to your subconscious mind.  Repeat the “solution” during the day.  Remember that your subconscious has the answer, and you will discover.

9.  Visualize the outcome of your problem.  Picture in your mind exactly as you wish.

10.  Never compromise your ideals, or allow others to push the mind to make decisions that you are wrong.  In defending his right to free thought.



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