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Scope of Psd to Html5 Conversion

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As we know, World Wide Web consortium (W3C) is an international organization developed to maintain as well to raise the standard of World Wide Web. Last year, W3C decided to focus on HTML5 rather than on XHTML2. HTML5 is a new version of HTML. Leading companies from IT sector and many web browser developers have also given their full support to HTML5. Some of the popular browsers who have given their support to HTML5 are Mozilla, Opera, Apple, Microsoft, Google etc.

The main traits of HTML5 are error handling capability and backward compatibility. When there is HTML5 website, coded in HTML/XHTML-CSS version, then there is no requirement of exigent update to be displayed by most of the browser. Now, the question arises on the importance of PSD to HTML conversion in the existence of HTML5.

PSD to HTML service provider companies had professed “Code agreement with latest standard of W3C” as one of the promises, but that was not in the case of HTML5. But, it is also believed that role of PSD to HTML conversion is still vital in the generation of HTML5. Because, backward compatibility and error handling capability do not signify leniency when there is unformatted and unstructured XHTML-CSS code.

HTML5 have focused on semantic coding and have introduced so many semantic tags. Their main goal is to make internet easier to access and more understandable by search engines as well as users. And search engines may easily track the website and interpret the content of website, which helps in increasing the ranking of website in search engines. Ultimately, it will be very helpful to increase the traffic of website.
Another question rises that what is the scope of PSD to CSS/HTML services in the generation of HTML5.To understand this aspect let’s have a comparison between the scope of internet in 1990 and 2010.

Internet in 1990 – In 1990, web pages were coded in academic style. There were use of h1-4, b, i, ul/ol tags, some images and basic technologies.

Internet in 2010 – Now the internet is presented in stylish manner and there are numerous functions available in internet with high technologies. Moreover, social media is also available now. Software like CMS is also there in this generation to facilitate user.

Now, it is very obvious that HTML coding done in 2010 is very different as compare to 1990. HTML5 could be a qualitative technology for this era. And this is the reason why HTML5 will affect the PSD to XHTML/HTML conversion service.

Whether beginning of HTML5 is the termination of PSD to HTML conversion or it is a beginning of new era of PSD to HTML5 conversion service. These are some questions in everybody’s mind and answer of these questions would be revealed in future. Whatever will happen but one thing is for sure that it will be a great time for HTML coders, designers and programmers.  This technology will be more helpful for corporate and business web design.

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