Monday, December 11

5 Unique Ideas For Christmas Presents

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1. Christmas Treats

Who doesn’t love some yummy treats at Christmas-time?  If you do not feel like going out and fighting the crowds, and you are capable in the kitchen, you can make your own tasty treats to give to friends and family at Christmas.  Just simpy choose your favorite (and tastiest) cookies or cakes and get the ingrediants to make them!  To present them to the recipients, you can go to a local craft store and get a variety of fun and whimsical containers.  You can place cookies in Christmas themed tin cans, and wrap them with cellophane.  You can even get large Chinese-food containers and place cookies in there as well!  For cakes there are different holiday boxes that you can get, or you can get a plain white box and decorate the outside yourself!

No matter what wrapping you choose, your family and friends will be sure to love their mouth watering treats!  And be especially thankful for the time and effort you put into make them!

2.Make Your Own Jewelry

This option is for the crafty gift giver.  There are many different types of jewelry that can be easily made, using materials that can be found at your local craft store.  Depending on what type of jewelry you would be interested in making, this can be quite easy, to more difficult.

Some ideas of what you can make are:

– Earrings

– Necklaces

– Bracelets/Anklets

– Beaded rings/toe rings

For the above ideas, easy materials to use are seed beads, regular beads, metal spacers (in different designs), crystals, or a variety of other things found in a bead aisle.  For earrings, there are earring posts that are sold, and you simply have to create your design using thin wire or string and attach them to the posts.  For the other ideas, the best thing to use is a thin string, and place your beads in the desired design.  Make sure to tie the ends together securely so that the beads can not fall off.

Your gift recipient will be in awe at the time and dedication, as well as the creativity, that you put into making their gift!

3. Design Photo Calendars

For this idea, you can search through the past years pictures that you have taken, or find some images online.  There are different calendar websites that you can find where you can upload your pictures, and have a calendar created using them!  Some websites you might want to try using are: your own calendar&mbt_network=g&mbt_placement=&mbt_target=&gclid=CL6F6dmu7aUCFQ915Qod6mSsqQ

You can choose the pictures that will mean the most to each person throughout the next year!  They will have a constant reminder what a great person they have in their life to have gone to the trouble to do this for them!

4. Make a Christmas CD

For this, you will need to be able to create a CD on your computer.  If you do not have this capability, there are places you can find to help you out.  Simply find out your friends or family members favorite Christmas songs, or their favorite singer, and create a playlist for a CD utilizing them.  If you only know their favorite singer, you can research if that singer has ever recorded any Christmas songs, or you can just make the CD of songs by that singer.

In todays day and age, IPOD’s are all the rage, but getting an old fashioned, home-made CD is still a great gift!  Especially because it would come with such care!

5. Make a Photo Montage to Music

For this idea, you will need to go through old pictures that you have taken through the years.  Once you have chosen the pictures that correspond to the person who this gift is aimed at, then you can proceed.  If you have a scanner attached to your computer, you can scan and save the old pictures to your computer.  If they are digital photos, then they should already be on the computer.  Next, you can find a website that will let you upload the pictures to create a slide show.  Some websites that I have found to do this are:

Through these sites you can choose some music that they have available, or, if you subscribe to them, you can upload your own mp3 song.  If you do decide to subscribe and upload your own song, choose a song that has meaning to your target gift recipient, and matches the pictures that you chose.

This idea is great for older family members, or even old friends.  No matter who receives this gift, you can be sure that they will treasure it for many years to come.


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