Friday, December 15

Onlive: The Netflix of Gaming

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Well, here it is. OnLive – the game system we’ve been waiting for. Featuring connectivity for Mac, PC and regular televisions, this service is well-rounded if not simply amazing. In fact, the console is unnecessary for running the service on a personal computer – it’s just for the TV. The OnLive provides access to games which are streamed directly to theOnLive console, allowing the user to be playing virtually any game within seconds of picking it out from the library. Featuring games such as NBA 2K11, Lego Batman and Assassin’s Creed II, the OnLive has something for everyone. Many games offer the following criteria, although it does vary every now and then:

• Free Trial

• 3 Day PlayPass (it is rented for 3 days): $5.99

• 5 Day PlayPass (it is rented for 5 days): $8.99

• Full PlayPass: (The user owns the game, being able to play it at any time from the OnLive service): $19.99

Of course, the costs do fluctuate, as in the case of Assassin’s Creed II, which costs an extra $10 (for a total of $29.99).

The OnLive allows gamers to jump straight into single or multiplayer games, all running from a cloud-based database. This means that all a player needs is a high-speed internet connection and an OnLive account in order to play the latest games. Unfortunately, some of the more popular games including Call of Duty and Halo, as well as motion-sensitive games such as popular Wii games are currently unavailable. Still, for the casual gamer, this is probably the best deal yet! Instead of paying $40 for the game at the local game distributor, $19.99 is a pretty good alternative. Still, I think I’ll hang on to my Xbox.


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