Friday, December 15

How to Make Money in Farmville

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It seems like all the time I see Facebook users complaining about receiving requests to play Farmville, that over-popular over-played over-inviting Facebook game. It turns out that those people are not being invited to “play”, but to establish themselves in an alternate world, a new economy, all in the cheerful atmosphere of farming. There are many ways to make money in Farmville. This guide will tell you some of the best ways to earn more in-game cash.

1. Take the quizzes that Farmville offers. They will reward you will Farmville cash.

2. Plant. Plant and harvest your tomatoes, which costs you 115 coins. What do you get once you sell them? 173 coins. That is more than 50% profit! Or try the peas. They cost 205 coins to raise, take a day to grow, and then sell for 381 coins. Deal? Heck yes!

3. Keep animals and trees. They continually produce hair and fruit (respectively), which can be sold. The best tree to grow is the Olive Tree.

4. Level up. This gives you a Farmville Cash Buck.

5. Do the free offers. They offer Farmville Cash rewards.

6. Help your neighbors with their farms. This gets you cash AND experience.

7. Ask for gifts that can be sold. This is essentially free money on your part.

I hope these seven tips help establish your farm in Farmville. Thanks for reading!


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