Thursday, December 14

Apple's Big Announcement – Finally or Fail?

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Was Apple’s latest “big announcement” really worth the hype? Well, that all depends on a few key factors. Are you a Beatles fan? If so, then this announcement was perfect for you. Apple announced on Tuesday morning (November 16, 2010), that the iTunes store finally sells Beatles music. In case you did not know, this has not yet been the case ever since the release of the iTunes music store, and while some people couldn’t care less about this “innovation”, numerous Beatles fans are snatching up the digital tracks faster than…well, probably not faster than COD fans got Black Ops (the latest, well-anticipated game in the Call of Duty series). But pretty fast just the same – especially considering that many Beatles fans probably already have their favorite songs on their own CDs and/or records. And with the iTunes music store showing 565 customer ratings alone on a single album in the past 2 hours (that’s not counting all the people who are buying the tracks without leaving reviews), it is clear that this was another smooth move for Apple. And did I mention that the “box edition” has a price tag well over one-hundred dollars? Apple is certainly king of the marketing, music sales, and making people feel good about emptying their wallets.


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