Sunday, December 17

Evaluating The George Foreman Electric Grill

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Reviewing the George Foreman electric grill can be a daunting task. This is the case especially when you don’t have prior knowledge on grills. Thanks to a site known as the reviewer that has made reviewing an easy task with the barbecue grill, many people know more about them.

The easiest way is by using the George foreman electric grill all by yourself first, the review states that you just plug the grill and wait for around 10 minutes. This is to allow heating of the surface or take up heat. The George Foreman electric grill has a knob for adjusting the heat so that you put it on low when for example all you need is warm some food and put it soaring high when preparing say steaks.

Cleaning the surface of the George foreman electric grill is easy, considering that the surface is non sticky so one does not need to spray stuff to ease cleaning. The review also brings to the fore the fact that the sloping of the grill which is subtle is advantageous since it is able to draw wastes such as the fat and other liquids meant for disposal into the tray situated below the George foreman electric grill.  The George Foreman electric grill has its dome raised and there is ventilation on the lid allowing for circulation of the hot air. This gives the George foreman electric grill a thumps up and ensures cooking takes place evenly. This ensures that you don’t have food that has some parts cooked and others uncooked or poorly cooked even as the food was cooked in the same place.   The reviewer also points out to the fact that this comes in handy especially when one wants to roast a whole chicken.

George foreman electric grill has a stand, actually more of a pedestal. So you can choose to put it down so that it is resting on its own pedestal or position it on a table cloth. However it is important to note that its weight rests on the top considering its height is up to 6 ’’. Thus it may be dangerous if you have small kids who may be running round the house as they might fall over it. If this is the case, make it stand firm so that it does not end up becoming a hazard. Or alternatively locate it in a place that may be out of reach of children.  The George foreman electric grill is a must have household item for sure!


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