Saturday, December 16

The Playstation

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The Playstation is one of the newest games which is played by both children and young people. But the problem of these games is that the different instructions on how to install them can be confusing and misunderstood. And one can fail to install the playstation even if it came with all the necessary equipment. Others may be in need of downloading the software.

Sony has a playstation PS3 game which promises more benefits to the users than the current game. Most of the people who bought them were more concerned about how it worked more than to have a game to play. This game can hold more content than a normal DVD and it has a good visual output.

The Playstation comes in 2 different types – the inexpensive one with 20 gigabytes of space and the expensive one with more than 60 gigabytes. But not only do they differ in the capacity, they also differ in various other ways. Even though both of them can connect to HDMI cables, digital audio and read-only discs, they differ in some ways. The playstation with 60 GB capacity features 4 USB ports, Cell Broadband engine and a memory stick with a compact Flash. The 20 GB model has one USB port but features the hard drive.

The Cell broadband engines are made with different manufacturers like the Toshiba, Sony, and IBM. These have a speed that is 10 times more than a normal computer.

The games come with a six axis controller which helps the players to control the game. This is possible by changing the movements and directions of the game. But if there is a need of a second controller, it should be bought separately. The original game comes with only one controller.

If you do not want to buy the Playstation, you can sign up for free in the Playstation network and play with two separate accounts. With your account you can keep record of friends chat or see how your game is progressing. Its crossbar menu behaves like any other menu where the user can access the internet on it.   But if you want to download the game, you can pay for it with a credit card.

The Playstation is easy to play but the bigger the hard disk, the more expensive they are and also come with more features. So instead of buying the inexpensive one, you may choose to go the expensive one with more capacity. 


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