Wednesday, December 13

The National Model Railroad Association

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Railroading is one of those hobbies which one can do as a sort of enjoyment all by himself or with others. But as any other game, it becomes more amusing if there are others who are doing the same as you do. If one is enthusiastic about this game he may choose to join different clubs which are available in different locations within America.  And one of the most well known is the NMRA, one of the leading association whose main concern is the education and the promotion of standards in the railroad industry.

The NMRA has members in more than 180 places and its members come together every year in the National Train Show. It showcases the ability of the members to identify and to continue enjoying the railroad industry.

Since its foundation up to date the NMRA has contributed greatly to improve the standard of the Railroad in terms of manufacturing and the rendering of services. And still it has a long list of recommendation to the industry on how the improvement can be continued.

The NMRA designs the rules and regulations for its members and it is involved in the maintenance of the Kalmbach Memorial Library. One of the leading libraries in the world about the railroad and trains, it has at least 100,000 photos and enjoys around 50,000 models. It is a resource of rare magazines about railroading.

The members of the NMRA enjoy access to the Kalmbach Memorial Library. They can keep in contact with the other members and exchange ideas, and they can attend all the conventions of the NMRA members. Members can attend the NMRA forum and can discuss the different specifications of trains and contribute to their betterment. 

With the different changes that had affected the NMRA it only has one thing in mind, interoperability of the members and the people involved in the railroad industries. It has been able to keep up to date with the changes of its members’ lives, of the industry and most of all to keep up with the change in the hobby itself. Even as there are changes happening in all aspects of the NMRA, what can not change is the commitment to give the best to its members.

But the overall success of NMRA lies with the commitment of its members.For more information about the NMRA, you can visit any of their local centers or visit their website.


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