Tuesday, December 12

Minimizing Crime By Use Of Printers

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It is unimaginable to consider that at this juncture in world history our government will give up the idea of keeping an eye on all that goes around on the streets; keeping in mind that we are in the 21st Century, this is established with printers too.  If you give this a close thought, you will come to a conclusion regarding where we are headed in terms of tracking systems that will be put in place next. Printers with lasers are the next big thing.  Every document that you print from the laser print bears your name.

 A foundation based in America named the electronic Frontier Foundation has claimed that they have the codes that can be used for tracking the laser printers that come from a corporation known as the Xerox Corporation. The codes are similar to the ones developed by manufacturers that facilitates the government in ensuring that they are able to  get rid of or rather stem out currency that is counterfeited.

It is believed that the Government of the United States involves itself with different companies in an effort to make sure counterfeiting of its money is kept at bay. That the United States money is not being scanned by individuals and later printed with laser printers is constantly checked. Laser printers are known to have this capability of printing almost anything in the form that you present it.

Numerous researches that have been conducted in the United States have unearthed the pattern that is formed repeatedly. The dots are patterned in the same way and are yellow in color. The pattern is duplicated in every page that has color. The dots are almost invisible unless you have a magnifying glass that is very strong and should be used when there’s some element of blue. The codes are very small; they are even lesser than a millimeter. The dots have been found to correspond to the serial numbers of the printers and tend to depict the date and time the printing took place.

You can take into consideration two printouts, one that acts as the control experiment and the other one that has the author’s name embedded on it. An intent consideration of the dots reveals or enables you to establish whether the two documents come from the same printer. EFT has moved swiftly and is now looking into the printers of other manufacturer’s and ones that have their keys secret.


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