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How To Tame Frizzy Hair

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The first step towards managing frizzy hair is to understand what causes hair to become frizzy.  There is much misinformation on the topic of frizz, as well as many myths and misconceptions.  For instance, many people assume that frizziness only affects those with curly hair.  Even though this condition is common among those with curly hair, frizziness can occur in all types and textures of hair. 

Symptoms of frizz include hair that is unruly and hard to manage, hair that is dull and coarse in texture, and hair that is dry to the touch.  So what causes hair to become frizzy?  Anyone who suffers from frizz can tell you that their hair goes absolutely haywire in humid and damp weather.  This is because frizzy hair is the result of a moisture imbalance (which explains why frizzy hair feels dry).  Because there is a shortage of moisture inside the cortex of the hair, the hair responds by trying to “suck” the moisture out of the air.  When this happens, the cuticle layer swells, and the overlapping scales which make up the cuticle open up in order to let in moisture from the atmosphere.  This opening of the cuticle is what gives frizzy hair its distinguishing appearance.

In order to manage frizz, two things must be accomplished.  First, moisture must be put back into the cortex of the hair.  This is done by using a hydrating or moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.  Secondly, the moisture must be retained inside the hair.  This is done by using a wax-based or oil-based serum.  Not only will these serums add shine and tame flyaways, but they will prevent a barrier between the hair and the humidity in the air.

Frizzy hair should not be confused with hair that is dry due to heat damage or from chemical processing.  These hair types can benefit from frequent haircuts.  However, the same does not apply to frizzy hair because no matter how short the hair is cut, it will remain frizzy.  While frequent trims will make frizzy hair look better, it can never alter the hair’s natural structure and texture.

When it comes to styling frizzy hair, there are two good options.  The first is to allow the hair to air dry, since blowdrying frizzy hair results in excessive volume and “poofiness”.  The other option is to straighten the hair using a flat iron.  Frizzy hair loves heat because the heat from the flat iron will make the opened cuticle layers lie flat, thereby making the hair smoother and reducing volume. 


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