Tuesday, December 12

A New Word

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It isn’t every day that you invent something useful. But today is a good day, for I am quietly confident that my new invention is something that people want (even if they don’t know they want it).

It has come to my attention that the common sentence generally has space for two points. I bought a duck today and it is really cute.” I believe there should be a way to say that the duck also has blue eyes, in that same sentence. ‘But’,‘however’ and ‘although’ wouldn’t work, so that’s where my new word comes in.

Dua [joo-uh] (duan [joo-are-n] if preceeding a vowel sound) is a conjoining word, which basically means ‘and’. It can be used after an ‘and’, to add a third point to your sentence.

I bought a duck today and it is really cute duan it has blue eyes.”

If you’re interested, please go forth and use the word in your everyday life! If you think this is stupid, please go forth and use the word in your everyday life!
It may sound a little strange in a sentence now, but if we get used to it we could be advancing the human race’s communicative possibilities!

Note that Dua/Duan shouldn’t be used after using ‘and’ in a list. Just chuck two ‘ands’ in there. “We ate biscuits, cake and tomato sauce, and then drove away.” Also remember that Dua/Duan doesn’t replace ‘and‘. It has to be used after you have already used ‘and‘ in a sentence.

Comment below and let me know what you think dua have a great day!


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