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Nelly Best Songs: 18 Best Songs by Nelly

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Nelly really hit it big with the release of Country Grammar back in 2000 and then put out hits for the first part of the last decade before falling off for a while. Now in 2010, he has put out Nelly 5.0 and recaptured some of his hit making abilities and it seems like some of his passion for music after the lackluster Brass Knuckles album. While he’s not the best rapper in the game Nelly does make some nice music to part or just chill out to and I’m glad to see he has become successful again. On this list I chose 18 songs that I think are Nelly’s best that he has put out as a solo artist.

Country Grammar– The song that introduced Nelly to America and ruled the year 2000. Excellent beat and a nice flow from Nelly on here.

St. Louie– More of a street track about his home town with a more bass heavy and darker sound than Country Grammar.

Ride Wit Me– Not the usual rap sound to it but more of a smooth guitar track but very catchy and another hit song for Nelly off of Country Grammar.

E.I.- Probably the best song on his first album.

Thicky Thick Girl – Not a love song by any means, just a damn girl you look good song. Nonetheless, it’s got a cool instrumental.

Batter Up– A group track with the St. Lunatics, I like Murphy Lee’s verse the best.

Hot in Herre-If you were around in 2002, you know this song because it never was not on the radio.

Nellyville– Title track and intro to his second album.

Air Force Ones– Another group track talking about a pretty stupid topic but the beat is just sick.

Dilemma– Nelly topped the charts with Dilemma featuring Kelly Rowland from Destiny’s Child right after he had already had  massive success with Hot in Herre.

#1– A response track to KRS One and Nelly does surprisingly well on here.

The Gank– Definitely top 5 out of this list.

My Place– A softer song with a guest appearance from Jaheim, awesome though.

Nobody Knows– Motivational song where Nelly speaks about his past struggles when he was younger.

Grillz– Ok, Grillz like many other Nelly songs isn’t lyrically impressive but it sounds great.

Over and Over– I was skeptical when I heard that Nelly had a song with country star Tim McGraw but it is actually really good, not really rap but a good pop record.

Just a Dream– Nelly’s latest hit off of Nelly 5.0 and it’s been a while since he put out anything that really struck a chord with the public but he accomplished on this one.

She’s So Fly– The beat is so smooth and T.I. really shines with his flow.


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