Monday, December 11

Writing Effective Ads For Your Mlm

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There’s one thing you must know FIRST about writing effective ads:

It doesn’t matter if you have the world’s greatest product, it won’t sell itself.  Your product could cure cancer, but if it just sits in your living room, it doesn’t make a difference what it does. 

The only way to get attention is to write head-turning ads! 

Learning how to grab attention and get people to click on an ad is the most lucrative skill online.  Think about it: if no one wants to click on your ad, you make no money. If lots of people want to click on the ad, you make lots of money!

That’s why the most lucrative skill in marketing is learning about writing effective ads.

The first, and most important step is to understand who your target market is.  Write down a list of who your target market is, what they want, and what they fear.  If you know exactly what they want, it’s pretty easy to sell to them, right?

Next you have to come up with a good headline.  The key is to write a whole bunch of them until you come up with the perfect headline.  It won’t have hype, but it will indicate value.

A good headline is what drives your ad and gets visitors.  Probably 90% of writing effective ads comes down to creating a headline that is eye-popping and immediately grabs your prospect.

The body of your ad needs to advertise giving away something valuable for free.  For example, mention your free report on how to generate leads for your XYZ business.
It’s always a great idea to mention free stuff you’re giving out.

There has to be a call to action.  Putting in something as simple as “click now!” has shown to greatly increase click-through rates.

And finally, the best way to get examples of writing effective ads is to simply pay close attention to someone that you respect and admire as a great copywriter and always write down headlines that grab your attention!

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