Monday, December 18

Internet Dating: Is It Worth It?

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Like millions of other single people, I decided to test the waters of Internet dating.  Unfortunately, I soon discovered that the water was full of sharks.  So, are dating websites a waste of time?  Well, that all depends on what you are looking for.

While dating websites have many advantages (for instance, it is much more convenient to browse through hundreds of singles from the comfort of your own home than actually getting dressed up to go out on the town), they also have many shortcomings.  You see, the problem with the Internet is that anyone can pretend to be virtually anyone or anything.  There are no fact-checkers or editors who go around verifying that the person you are talking to is really who they claim to be.  Thanks to the Internet, paupers can prance around as princes, and you’ll never know if the sweet guy or gal you are talking to is a crazed sociopath until you find yourself bound and gagged and trapped in the trunk of someone’s car.

When it comes to dating sites, they are all virtually the same.  Whether you have to pay for membership or not, they all pretty much consist of a profile containing a few pictures and a description cataloging the person’s interests and activities.  While most dating sites are easy to use, a dating site is only as good as the people using it.  This is where things get crazy.

If I learned anything from swimming in the shark-infested waters of Internet dating, it is that it is a total waste of time to have high expectations.  The people you meet will inevitably make themselves out to be more impressive than they really are.  The typical woman will usually have 6 different kids to 6 different ex-husbands, and the typical guy is just some sex-crazed pervert who will ask you to send him dirty pictures during your second conversation.  Sure, there are exceptions of course, but let’s be real: if these people were any good at relationships, they wouldn’t be using a dating website in the first place.

Also keep in mind that everyone is capable of taking a half-decent photograph of themselves.  Even if looks are something that aren’t important to you, you will most likely find yourself crying foul when you actually meet the object of your affection and discover that their picture was taken 40 pounds and several years ago.  Thanks to Photoshop, even the Hunchback of Notre Dame can pass himself off as Brad Pitt, and even the homeliest of women can look like a movie star. 


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