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All About Cosmetics Masks

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One of the advantages of cosmetic treatments, whose effectiveness is widely recognized in maintaining youthful skin is cosmetic mask.
Beauty mask is a mixture of different substances or liquid, which on the face for about 15-20 minute. Can be applied hot or cold, depending on skin type and the need for treatment. Some cosmetic , pasty, face harden, forming a layer that produces a voltage dry skin, weak or strong, which is of major importance for skin smoothing.
An application of a cosmetic masks secret is to lie during its implementation, with facial muscles relax and be 100% natural products.
We classify such masks:

1. Masks with plants, you simply wash, rinse without getting 15-20 minutes with the following:
– Infusion of cornflowers, apply compresses of infusion ,  is recommended for the eyes, eyelids raised, eyes tired.
-Thyme-infused, is recommended for complexions, seborrheic and greasy
-Infusion of burdock against acne, greasy complexions foatre to strengthen hair
– Infusion of yarrow, the skin reddened, irritated
-Calendula-infused to dry complexions revitalize
– Infusion of hop cones, lavender for oily skin and acne
– Infusion of chamomile, Eye sore, tired eyes, dark circles or bags under the eyes
-Sage-infused, for oily skin, seborrheic
-Hay-infusion for aging complexions, dull
-Lime-flower infusion to maintain freshness skin

2. Masks with fruits and vegetables simply applying an adjustable single or mashed vegetables, keeping it 15-20 minutes:
– Mask with strawberries and strawberry – fade freckles, skin tone and vitamins to the tissues;
Apricot-mask – for sensitive skins;
Mask of peach-vitamins to make a wilted skins;
Watermelon-mask for dehydrated skins and pale;
Grape-mask for a calming and moisturizing;
Cucumber-mask for a withered skin, has soothing and moisturizing properties;
Pure red-mask blackheads and impurities;
-Mask with lemon juice to remove freckles, for fatty skins, seborrheic

3. Cereal derived masks.
Due to the rich content of vitamins of group B, PP, some derivatives of cereals are of great use in cosmetics, as follows:
– Wheat bran – for oily skin, to clean the impurities, the large pores, plus an infusion of chamomile, apply, leave for 20 minutes, rinse with an infusion of chamomile
Rye-flour, bran, barley, to which we add lemon juice – is used to refresh the skin, to remove freckles

4. Masks based on egg

– Yolk is recommended for withered skin, plus a dash of olive oil;
-Whites are recommended for oily skin, enlarged pores, add a few drops of lemon juice

5. Masks with oils:

Oils are used successfully for dry skins, the most effective and used in cosmetics are: sweet almond oil, olive oil, peanut butter and cocoa. Any oil-based mask is applied warm compresses to form.

6. Masks from dairy products:

– Raw milk with drops of lemon juice – for oily skin, seborrheic
-Cheese, clean skin, it lightens, diminishes wrinkles and nourish skin


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