Thursday, December 14

Men Vs Women

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Men drink and gossip

Women care for the home, children and pets.


Men often talk without thinking their statements through

Women are deep, emotional people who would think twice before saying a hurtful word


Men are often unable to mange women in the work place; feeling an unnecessary need to engage female subordinates in a battle/test of wills.

Women often manage male subordinates with panache not feeling the need to unduly suppress them based on a misguided belief that they are threats who want to usurp them.


Men worry about things without taking action

Women are movers and shakers they may worry but this will be as they match into action; not while they lay down wallowing in self pity.


Men determine the sex of a baby by contributing an X or Y chromosome.

Women carry the babies all through pregnancy for the rest of their lives


Men take calculate and uncalculated risks

Women only take calculated risks


Men do not take correction easily; feeling their pride and ego has been hurt

Women take correction quickly and conscientiously already thinking of another means to embark on the same task


Men have a weird sense of humour and often laugh at all jokes

Women have an expensive sense of humour and are not often thrilled by jokes by all a sundry.


Men often have selective memories and remember only what they think is important

A woman remembers every and anything even to the second of the day an even occurred.


A man provides a house

A woman makes it a home.

They say “Men are from Mars Women are from Venus”; this is my take on this theory.


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