Monday, December 11

Hair Extensions: Pros And Cons

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Hair extensions are one of the fastest-growing salon services.  Once available only in large cities, the hair extension trend is sweeping over all parts of the country.  Chances are that no matter where you lie, there are a few salons offering hair extensions within driving distance.  Like many expensive salon services, hair extensions definitely have their pros and cons.  These are the facts that you need to consider before booking an appointment for hair extensions:


1. Instant length and volume.  Hair extensions typically add between 12-18 inches of length.  In just a few hours at the salon, you can attain the length that would normally take over 2 years to attain naturally.

2. Quality.  Modern human-hair extensions have come a long way from the modacrylic synthetic weaves and wefts of yesterday.  Top-quality extensions are much less noticeable and provide a more natural look.

3. Versatility.  There are dozens of methods for applying hair extensions.  Some are designed to be worn for a few weeks, while others can be worn for months at a time. 

4. Reduces Styling Time.  Those with fine hair spend most of their time trying to make their hair look fuller and thicker.  Hair extensions eliminate the need for dozens of volumizing products, teasing, spraying and blowdrying the hair in order to attain volume.  With extensions, your styling time is drastically reduced.

5. Affordability.  Even though extensions are expensive, the price has fallen dramatically over the past few years thanks to increased demand.  Salons that used to charge 2,000.00 for human-hair extensions a decade ago are now performing the service for under 1,000.00.


1. Price.  Even though demand has lowered the price for this service, hair extensions are still beyond most womens’ budgets.  Even inferior quality synthetic extensions and weaves can cost between 200-500 dollars.  The highest-quality extensions performed by an extension specialist still hover in the 2,000.00 to 2,500.00 range.

2. Time.  Even the most experienced extensionists need around 3 or 4 hours to perform this service.  Inexperienced stylists may need up to six hours to perform a full head of extensions.  That’s a long time to be sitting in a hair salon!

3. Possible Damage to the Hair.  Most methods of application are very healthy for the hair, but some cheaper extension systems can seriously damage the hair.  If you have weak, brittle hair to begin with, extensions can cause significant breakage.

4. Limitations.  Many women are under the false impression that extensions will magically solve all of their hair problems.  Unfortunately, you need to have fairly strong hair in order to support the weight of the extensions.  Also, most extensions aren’t designed to be placed in the crown area, or along the front hairline.

5. Change in Routine.  Most extensions will require special shampoos and conditioners, and having extensions means that you will have to change most of your regular haircare habits, such as how to brush the hair, how to shampoo the hair, and even how to sleep.  Most experts recommend sleeping on a silk or satin pillowcase to reduce tangling, and sleeping with the extensions in a loose braid. 

If the pros outweigh the cons, then hair extensions may be right for you.  They are a major expense, but can you really put a price tag on having the hair of your dreams? 


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