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How to Turbocharge Your Traffic Generation, With Article Marketing

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Article marketing is a long established staple of link generation, and will likely continue to be viable for the foreseeable future. The process is simple, submit articles the traditional way, to both the free and paid article directories for long-term SEO and traffic generation and give some of your articles a boost by providing your best effort original work to Having your articles approved on the top ranked directories results in immediate traffic generation, as well as a marked improvement in your search engine rankings no matter the competitive status of your keywords. You should note that if you target less competitive keywords, that the results will be even more demonstrable.

The Search Engine Optimization benefits of increased unique visitors to your website, include the improvement of your search engine ranking, including Google, as well as additional article views, using turbocharged article marketing. Unique visits will force the search engines to take note of your site. While it may take as long as 30 minutes per site to submit your content, the benefits will far outweigh your cost in time. You will want to read the guidelines for submission to Ezine Articles, and ensure that your posts are in compliance. Make sure that the links that you include in the last paragraph of your article, and your author resource box, are redirecting to your site, a misplaced letter or punctuation mark will defeat the purpose of your efforts. Keyword rich articles should be regularly submitted to the top ezine directories, in order for this strategy to work. A key extra step in completing this process is to submit your Author RSS feeds in each directory, to all of the RSS feed directories for some extra “link juice”.

If you will use this article submission strategy thoughtfully, you can create an uninterrupted stream of traffic using this method. Regular submission of quality content to your Ezine Articles account will result in an enhanced reputation, both on Ezine Articles and in the blog community as a whole. The end result that you desire is to establish yourself as an authority in your niche, while providing a real contribution. That being said, the process for turbocharging your article marketing efforts are as follows:

1. Register your account in Ezine Articles if you don’t already have one, and as many other top 100 directories as you can manage to complete. If you search the term “free article directories” in Google you will find several sites that will provide you excel based information, I recommend using at least the top 50 article directory sites.

2. Research the top articles in your niche on You can find them by looking at the section titled “Top Viewed EzineArticles” in the category you are working in. You can also use this method to pick out niches with accessible ranking levels, by choosing the niches where the top articles have fewer than 10,000 views.

3. Write a group of unique keyword rich articles, and post them to, then spin the seed article using an article spinning software, generating 50 or more (however many different sites you intend to contribute to) unique copies of the content and submit them to your other article directory accounts. You can use articles written by other authors on the directories to kick start your thought process and inspire your creative process, but the original best effort should be posted to Settle for nothing short of your best effort, including both a catchy title, and a thoughtfully composed resource box in order to induce readers to click through to your website.

4. Submit your articles to the directories, starting with and after Ezine, submit your unique articles created frommm the seed article you placed on ezine to Knol, WebPro, GoArticles and the other top 50 directories you have chosen to do submissions with.

5. Go to a traffic generation service, I like, and for $5 buy some traffic for your article. You can get a lot of views in a short period of time, boosting your articles into the top viewed category on Ezine Articles, thereby further increasing the number of views you receive there, and consequently, generating traffic and unique views for your website.

The search engines love to see links from varied sources on the internet, so submitting unique content to a multitude of article directories will have a positive effect on your search engine ranking. In future articles I am going to address other link building strategies providing methodology that will allow your domination of search engine results providing you remain persistent in your efforts. I am going to continue posting new articles on the subject of free traffic generation, on a daily basis, until I exhaust the topic, sometime in January, you can keep apprised of these submissions, on our blog, at EliKen Marketing.


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