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Things I Wish I'd Known by Linda Green Book Review

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Claire Cooper has a good life, she is in her thirties and has a good job working as a lawyer and a very devoted boyfriend. She thinks she is happy until her boyfriend Mark springs the surprise of a new house for them to live together in on her. She thinks about her life and when she was a teenager and remembers a list she wrote with her best friend when they were 15 and she goes and finds it.

Clare Skidmore as a teenager was obsessed with footballer Andy and dreamed of marrying him and spending their lives together in a cottage and being blissfully happy but she never got that chance as she was so young. She and best friend Frankie made a list of where they saw their lives when they were 25 but they could not have been more wrong.

Finding the list has made Claire evaluate her life and think about her past and love for footballer Andy but what will this mean for her current life and just how far did her obsession go? Will life for Claire and Mark ever be the same again?

The plot which I have given for this book is only very brief and I felt that giving any more away would spoil it for those who may not have read the book yet. Some may find the way I went back to Claire being a teenager again a bit weird but the book is actually set in two different times, one where Claire goes back to being a teenager and the present life which she now has. It may sound slightly complicated but the book is very easy to follow and thoroughly enjoyable the way the two times mix and are so different. We do have a smaller section of the book which is set in the past where Claire writes and talks about how she imagines her lie with Andy to be but these are only in a few places in the book so I cant really say it is split into 3 sections.

The story was very good and I felt instantly able to warm and get to know Claire. We got to learn about her present life and how she got their. The life we get to know about from when she was a teenager was so different and yet still very enjoyable to read. She was a normal obsessed teenager and I found her obsession did not come across as strange or over the top but a normal one which many teenage girls have over footballers or singers but hers just got slightly out of hand, though through no fault of her own! In the present Claire seemed very level headed but she did at times let this slip as she remembered her past and I felt able to understand why she did this as I got to know more about her past and found the way the stories blended with the time frames easy to follow.

I did find all of the characters very good, not just the main ones of Claire, footballer Andy and boyfriend Mark but also the old best friend Frankie and her mother. We did get to know a lot about these characters and I enjoyed getting to know them and how they impacted Claries life. I did at times have a hatred for Andy but at the same time I could see why he did what he did and started to feel sorry for him but overall I felt he was a big headed and not a nice man. The storylines which these character were given were good and blended well with the main story. I felt they also gave the book some depth which was needed, they did not take anything away from the main storyline they did in fact help it.

The writing style was good and I found that at times I was not able to put the book down, the ending for me was super and not how I imagined it would end and for me this was god as it kept making me want to read on to find out what was coming next.
The book has a good mix of humour and seriousness especially towards the second half of the book and I found the mix worked well together. There were a few good twists in the story as well which helped keep me engrossed. I would say that this is not a heavy read and would be very suitable for a holiday for a light bedtime book.

The book was written by Linda Green and published by Headline. The retail price on the paperback edition is £6.99 but this can be currently bought in a buy on get on free offer in Tesco and I think even without this offer the book is worth the price tag. There are a total of 472 pages in this book and as I found it so entertaining it only took me 3 days to get through.

I have to give this book a good solid 4 stars as it has a good storyline, great easy to get to know characters and a good few twists. I would have liked to have given it the full 5 stars but for me there seemed to be just a little missing in the shape of more detail about the past. Still this is a great read and I look forward to reading more from Linda Green.


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