Monday, December 11

Year One Film Review

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Zed is not a very good hunter and he is starting to annoy the fellow hunters in his tribe but he seeks help from his gatherer friend Oh and he makes the decision that he will eat fruit from the forbidden tree. Zed gets seen doing this and soon the tribe are kicking him out. Unfortunately as he prepares to leave he burns the tribes village down leaving them all homeless.

Zed and his friend Oh make their way out of the village and set of in search of a new way of life but they soon meet with Cain and Abel and things go down hill from here, soon they are taken as slaves and they meet the rest of their old tribe who are also being held as slaves. Zed makes the decision that he will do all he can to free them and the woman he loves.

With Zed not being the brightest and Oh being a big softy can the two men free their tribe and become the heroes they have always dreamed off and can they both win the loves of their life over?

I do quite like Jack Black films and think he can be very funny at times so I was quite looking forward to seeing this film. The trailer which we got to see showed that t was very funny and the storyline looked good and different but the film was a little bit of a let down for both me and hubby. The storyline was good but nothing special and for me is was more daft than actually funny.

The acting was Ok and Jack Black played the lead role of Zed but he did not bring anything new to the role and he came across as just a daft man who really blundered his way through life causing destruction wherever he went. He did have a good chemistry with his friend Oh and this did make for some fun viewing at times. The role of Oh was played by Michael Cera and for me he was the real star of the film. He came across as a very shy man who did not know how to handle his life and I liked the naivety he bought to the film and he really did make me laugh at times even when it seemed he was not really trying. We did have a lot of good support actors and the few which stood out included, Oliver Platt, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Olivia Wilde and Vinnie Jones. They were all quite different characters and did actually bring a lot of much needed humour to the film. Vinnie Jones was very good and played his usual hard man role but there was an element of fun to him this time and I enjoyed this.

The film was set in the year one and I found the costumes were all quite good and so to was the settings and props. I loved how the humour was taken to extremes with the appearance of the characters and the hairy armpits did raise a giggle from both me and hubby. I think the mix of the hunter gatherers living in the forest and the Romans living in their big palaces was good and quite divers. The way some of the things got portrayed did make for some good viewing but some of the things which we saw were quite repulsive to watch, I am referring to the oiling of the chest for those who have seen the film and for those who have not they will understand what mean if they get the chance to see this.

There is some good laugh out loud funny bits in the film but overall I found it to be lacking in the comedy stakes. I though t Jack Black could have been a lot funnier and stopped coming across as very daft as this did put me off him slightly. I think Michael Cera was easily the funniest in this film and the humour he bought was excellent and I do look forward to seeing him in other films as he has a good career ahead of him as long as he can stay funny and not go as Jack Black has to the daft side.

There were a few special effects in the film and they were good and well made, they fitted in effortlessly to the film. The music was nothing special and I am now not able to remember a single track which was used throughout the film.

As this is a film only review there are no bonus features to speak out. The running time of the film is 97 minutes and I did find this to be quite long enough. The rate is a 12A and I do agree with this and think teenagers will find this film hilarious. The DVD can be bought for around the £7 mark but I think this too high a price and would advise waiting for t to be £5 or less. It is currently being shown on Sky movies and Anytime TV.

Overall I am disappointed that I can not give this film more than 3 stars as I was so looking forward to watching it. The storyline was good but nothing special and Jack Black was a let down. The real star of this film was definitely Michael Cera and he was very good and made me laugh out loud at times. I would say to watch this if you can but don’t waste too much money on it.



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