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Tesco Battered Haddock Fillets Product Review

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It was just by chance that we bought these fish portions as I usually buy mine from Iceland but when we were in Tesco last night I asked hubby what he fancied for tea and he wanted fish. We had a good look at the range on offer and these are the ones we chose. I have to say we were very impressed with them and may actually switch to buying these from now on.


The fish portions come n a cardboard box which has a picture of one of the protons cut open and the Tesco logo and product name on both the front and back of the box. The main colour is red so they are easy to spot. On the sides of the box you can find the cooking instruction, ingredients and nutritional values. The box is very easy to open with a pull tab on one end which they opens up and the fish can just be tipped out.


There are 3 different ways of cooking the fish and those are:-

Grill – grill on a medium heat for 16-18minutes turning occasionally.
Deep Fry – Depp fry the fish for 8-10 minutes
Oven – place in the oven for 20-25 minutes on gas mark 7 (220 deg.c / 425 deg.f)

The fish is to be cooked from frozen for the best results.

For me I find using the oven is the best way as it means I can just pop them in and not have to keep checking on them, it is also much easier as I can cook the oven ships at the same time. I did find that they took nearer 30 minutes to cook as they were still cold on the inside after the stated time so need to be left for longer.

When the fish comes out of the box it is a light golden colour and does not look very appealing but this improves greatly once cooked and the batter does loosen slightly and make for a nice light coating to the fish. Once cooked it looks a lovely golden brown colour and vary appetising. The smell from the cooked portion is also very appealing, it is not overly strong but there is enough aroma to make you feel hungry.

The fish tastes great and the mix of the soft haddock inside and the crispy light batter is great. There are no bones in the fish which is a bonus for me as my boys do eat these. I was not left with any nasty after taste when finishing my portion and I did find the whole portion was just enough for me to eat. It is a good size and four portions do feed my family of 5 as my two youngest share one portion.


The box size is 500g and there are 4 portions. The haddock is skin and boneless which means these are great for young children.

The nutritional values for one of the portions are:-

280 Calories
3.1g Sugar
16.3g Fat
2.6g Saturates
1.3g Salt

These values are quite good compared to some other brands of battered fish.

The ingredients for those wishing to know are:-

Haddock (52%) Wheat Flour, Vegetable Oil, Batter, Water, Maize Flour, Salt, Raising Agents (Disodium Diphospahte, Sodium Bicarbonate), Dextrose, Yeast Extract, Mustard Powder, Yeast Batter contains: Wheat Flour, Wheat Starch, Salt, Mustard Powder, Pepper Extract.

There are some allergy warnings on the box and these are to warn that the product contains wheat, gluten, fish, and mustard. The recipe is nut free but Tesco cannot guarantee that the ingredients are. They do say that the fish may contain minor bones but out of the 4 portions we had we did not find any. There are no added preservatives, flavours or colours in these fish portions.

The fish is best cooked from frozen and if it does get defrosted then it must not be re-frozen.

The box can be fully recycled.


As this is a Tesco only product then it is only available to buy in their stores. It is priced at £2 a box and I found this to be a great price. We do pay this price for our similar fish portions from Iceland but these did taste much better and the batter was lighter and crispier.


I have to give the full 5 stars to these fish portions as they tasted great and we all thoroughly enjoyed them. The price is good and £2 for a meal for a family of 5 is excellent. I do suggest serving these with chips and peas as they make a good hearty meal that way. For the price I don’t think you really have much to loose by trying them.


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