Monday, December 18

Dream Interpretation – Translating The Meaning of Dreams And Discovering New Alternatives

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Today most people neglect their dreams. The meaning of dreams is distorted by too many impostors. However, this situation is gradually changing. My lessons are proving to the world that dreams are very important. When their real value will be globally recognized, everyone will analyze the meaning of their dreams with respect and gratitude.

After continuing Carl Jung’s research through dream interpretation I could transform his complicated method into a fast method of immediate translation. I discovered the origin of all mental illnesses and the true importance of the unconscious wisdom. Therefore, everyone can reap the benefits of this knowledge. It is no more a privilege that belongs to intellectuals. In a very short period of time, the general indifference to the meaning of dreams will be replaced by great enthusiasm.

When translating the meaning of dreams we discover new alternatives and we are able to solve problems that previously seemed impossible. This happens because when we are ignorant we see many obstacles everywhere. We make erroneous conclusions, and we cannot predict the future development of our lives. We are weak and blind.

When we master the dream language, we are able to understand the hidden unconscious messages contained in the dream images. Thus, we are guided by the unconscious mind, and gradually enlightened with the knowledge we acquire.

When we think based on our personal knowledge, our thoughts are limited by the mindset of our historical time. For example, today we understand how ridiculous the beliefs of the people who lived in the Middle Ages were. Thanks to our progress, we could discover many things that they completely ignored or did not understand. However, we cannot understand how ridiculous our own convictions are, because we ignore many other things that were not discovered by humanity yet.

When we translate the meaning of our dreams, the unconscious mind gives us information that surpasses the narrow limits of our current civilization’s mindset. We see that there are many other ways to attain positive results, which are very simple, but we never thought that they could lead us to success.

The new alternatives we gradually discover eliminate our worries, giving us new hope. We feel self-confident and superior. Therefore, we are able to achieve our goals without any anxiety. We never face panic or despair. We never lose control.

You should take advantage of this new discovery without delay. Write down your dreams. Learn how to translate them according to the scientific method of dream interpretation. Then, follow the unconscious guidance, putting its wise lessons into practice.

You’ll soon become very intelligent, self-confident, and strong. A new good mood will permanently characterize your behavior, and completely transform your personality.



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