Monday, December 18

Three Websites You Need To Join

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On the Internet, there are many websites that you can join.  Most of them are there to make you money in some way or in some form.  The best ones are the ones which are growing and which are dynamic and interesting.

There are also possibly a thousand websites or more, which you can join that you can highlight your writing and build your business.  Often you can use them to not only increase traffic, but you can think about the ways that they will allow you to increase your followers base.

Now, it is important that you do get traffic, but it is also important that you allow for growth in terms of your writing and your knowledge of the Internet.  Some places are necessary to write in and not experiment in:  These sites include HubPages and Squidoo.  This are two larger sites that you need to sign up for a start your journey in.  Not to find out how you can or cannot make money with it, but how to build your career online.

Then excluding these two main sites of HubPages and Squidoo, (which, if you have not been writing on, go now and write on them!)  here are the three sites you do need to be writing online with.  These are smaller sites (as oppsed to the other two)so bear this in mind.

Wikinut:  While this is a site where you can be well paid, and quickly, it should be noted that you are paid more when people click on the ads than if they only read your page.  This means you need to add many links to this page to make money with it.

Bukisa:  This is a bit different, but if you promote your work correctly, you will make money with it.  Focus on getting and increasing traffic over time.  Since you can now use the Google AdSense program, it is your best interest to write quality articles.

Article Directories, such as e-zine articles and Article Dashboard:  This is necessary, and while it will not make you money directly, write enough articles, and you will get links and other sorts of traffic that over time will build your business and create long-term money for you. 


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