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Coordinating Finishes With Dark Cherry Kitchen Cabinets

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Dark cherry kitchen cabinets can give an elegant look to virtually any kitchen. However, many homeowner’s that are making this choice do not always select the optimal finishes to go with their stunning new cabinetry. Things like the kitchen’s size, lighting and other finish choices should dictate what color choices to make. So, be sure you are making smart choices so your kitchen remodel doesn’t turn out feeling like a cave.

Hardware and Lighting: Fit Your Style

One great thing about dark cherry cabinets is that just about any color of hardware or lighting goes. Silver, copper or even oil rubbed bronze are all popular choices. Take a look at some pictures with different hardware finishes and see which one you like the best. Just make sure to keep the finishes of your hardware and lighting the same to keep the theme cohesive.

Counters: Consider Room Size and Light

So many different counter colors and depths work with dark cherry cabinets that you can almost choose anything. Dark green, black granite, white marble and simple tan tile countertops are all choices that can look good with your cabinet color. There is, however, the size of the room and the lighting that you have that you need to consider. If you room is small and poorly lit, it is best to choose light colored countertops to go with your cabinetry. Dark cabinets can make a small room feel even smaller if there is not a lighter color to balance it. However, if your kitchen is large and well lit, feel free to choose any countertop color that you feel looks good. Not sure what would look good? Dig through some kitchen remodeling magazines for ideas.

Flooring: Keep it Light

With very few exceptions, light colored flooring is the best look for dark cherry cabinets. Tan tile, light wood or even a light gray slate are all beautiful choices for your cabinets. Just make sure that the flooring that you choose will not conflict with the counter choice you made. The best way to do this is to take a flooring sample and hold it up to your countertop and cabinet to see if it looks good. If you still are not sure, get a second opinion from a honest friend with good taste.

Appliances: Stainless Steel or Black

As far as appliance finishes go, keep your choice simple. Stainless steel or black appliances will look good with just about any finishes you have picked. However, if you would like to narrow it down, consider your room’s size. Stainless steel will help bounce light around a small dark kitchen better than a black finish and would there for be a better choice. If price is a concern though, black appliances can still give a nice look.

If you keep these ideas in mind when coordinating finishes with your new dark wood cherry cabinets, you will be sure to create a space that is elegant and not cave like. Just make sure you keep the selections you make within your kitchen remodel budget. With so many color options that will work with this cabinet color choice, there is no need to brake the bank for a particular look.


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