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Best Writing Websites Which Pay You For Previously Published Articles

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When you are an online writer, it is important to be able to earn the most money possible from each article you write. Many writers do not know that they can publish their articles on several different sites where they can earn even more income. If you have written articles for other sites but still have rights to the article, why not let your articles earn money on multiple sites? Here are some of the best writing sites that will pay you to post previously published content.


One of the best writing sites that will pay you for previously published articles is Helium. Unlike other sites out there, Helium is the only site that will pay you upfront payments and residual payments on articles that have already been published. Depending on the number of writing stars you have, you can earn up to $2.50 in upfront payment, as well as an additional $1 when you write to an empty title. Not to mention 5% of the earnings your referrals earn and the $3 bonus you receive when you have 5 rating stars.

Associated Content

If you are looking for a publishing site that has been around a while, then Associated Content is a great place to put previously published articles. Unfortunately, Associated Content will only pay upfront payment on articles that have not been published else where. However, you can earn up to $2 per thousand views on articles that have already been published. If you have 500 articles that you can publish on Associated Content and each of those articles gets just 5 views a day, you can earn as much as $150 extra every month on articles you have already written.


This site is relatively new, but offers a great deal of potential. If you have several “How to” that you have already published, this is a great place to publish them. The pay is primarily based on page views and you can easily increase your earnings by tweeting your articles regularly. The amount you make per page view is determined by the number of articles you have written, as well as comments and ratings.

However, Firehow currently only accepts writers from the United States. So if you are international writer, you will not be able to publish with them just yet.


Another great site to publish articles that have already been published else where is Bukisa. This website currently pay through Adsense. They will allow you to publish any kind of article you wish and apply previously published content. Some Bukisa members make over $500 a month from their content!

Constant Content

If you are looking for a little something different, you can also post your previously published articles on Constant Content. This site allows you to post articles for sale for usage rights. You name how much you would like the article to sell for and when someone wants to use that article, you get a percentage of the sale. Constant Content does have high standards when it comes to the articles you submit, so be sure your articles meet their guidelines.

Take a look at these five sites and submit your articles to the ones that fit you best. Doing so will inevitably increase the amount of money that you can make from each article. So what are you waiting for? Start copying and pasting those old articles and increase your income.


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