Monday, December 18

Burn More Calories

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Have you been trying to loose weight, but your cardio routine and nutrition just aren’t showing results anymore? Changing up your cardio and weight training routines can help with any weight loss or muscle gain goals a person has.

There are three body fat fighting strategies which most people who want to loose weight or gain muscle know about. They are: reducing the amount of food you eat, increasing the amount of exercise you perform, and boosting your metabolic rate. Adding together these three strategies and the ten tips can help a person burn more calories a day. A person will not have to drastically change their exercises and routines, just add in the ten tips to the mix.

1). Add intervals to your cardio work. By doing interval training, a person will burn more calories than a steady training. This is because a person will do more work in about the same amount of time. Examples of this are: add sprints to jogging, add jogging to walking, and increase the pace or difficulty level when using cardio equipment. By adding intervals, a person will not only burn more calories, but will also rev up their calorie burning during the hours after working out.

2). Increase the weights by 5% to 10%. Many people seem to get stuck using the same amount of weights and reps over and over in their workouts. When a person uses the same amount of weight in their workouts over and over again, their bodies get accustomed to that weight. This will make the person’s body burn less calories than it would by providing their body with unexpected stimulation. By increasing the weights by 5% to 10%, a person’s body will be stimulated and burn more calories.

3). Mix up cardio. When a person does the same cardio workout over and over, their bodies will get used to the routine and not burn as many calories as before. By changing up the cardio routine, a person will stimulate their body and burn more calories.

4). Avoid consecutive days of rest. A body only needs a day of rest of 3 to 4 days of working out in a row. Having consecutive days of rest in a row will lower a person’s metabolic rate.

5). Split workout in two. When a person only exercises once a day, their body is burning more calories just once a day. By splitting up the workouts in two, the body will burn more calories each time. This will definitely help a person loose more weight.

6). Eat spicy foods. Spices, like red pepper and cayenne, can rev up the metabolic rate. It can also decrease a person’s overall food intake.

7). Record the food eaten. By writing down everything a person eats and drinks in a food journal, a person can know exactly what was put into their bodies and how many calories it was for the day. This can help a person from consuming too many calories and from eating unhealthy foods.

8). Cut out all caloric beverages. Taking out the caloric beverages will help a person loose weight. Ingesting caloric beverages doesn’t satisfy a person’s appetite. These caloric beverages just add to the amount of calories a person consumes in a day. Try drinking water, tea, or black coffee.

9). Drink green tea and black coffee. These two beverages can boost a person’s metabolism. Since there is caffeine in them, they tend to reduce a person’s appetite. Green tea and black coffee tend to also energize a person.

10). Reduce carbohydrates later in the day. By cutting back on the carbs a person consumes later in the day, the body will not have to produce as much insulin to help break it down. This will help a person eat less calories each day.


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