Friday, December 15

What Earphones to Choose For Your Iphone 4?

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Here are some of the most reliable Bluetooth earphones for iPhone 4 which you should probably go through before you go to the nearest store and buy yourself a pair.

The first on our list is probably the best headset for iPhone, which is working via Bluetooth. This is the Jawbone Icon headset. It is considered the world’s most intelligent headset. It has a unique style and it provides the best audio quality and many other characteristics. You can talk for 5 hours with your friends and have more than 10 days standby time. The life of its battery is one of a kind. The new technology Noise Assassin excludes all the background noise and thus you will have the clearest conversations ever. It is very light and comfortable. You may not even feel that it is on your ear because its weight is less than 8 grams. If you need to exchange your battery, there is a pleasant whispering reminder that tells you how much time you have left before the battery is dead. It also supports the multipoint for more audio gateways such as your personal computer.

Sony Ericsson has a very good model of Bluetooth headset called HBH-PV705. Its weight is heavier than that of the Jawbone Icon headset and it is merely 14 grams but its battery lasts longer. Here you can have 12 hours to talk with your friends and more than 300 hours standby time. This headset is preferred exactly because of the battery life it has. The design is one of a kind and it is very discreet. You can have it on your ear or you can just wrap it around your neck with absolutely no fear that its battery may go flat.

The Plantronics Discovery is another headset for iPhone. It has a very stylish and futuristic design. It has a Dual Microphone that seizes your voice and the sound of the background. This way it eliminates all the background noise and helps you hear clearly. This headset is considered the smartest one with its Wind Smart technology that also eliminates the sound of the wind and windy days could not be a problem for you anymore. The sound quality is perfect and the battery gives you the chance to talk up to 5 hours and more than 160 hours standby time. Its weight is also merely 8 grams or less.

If you are looking for a long lasting headset, you can be sure that with the new Blue Ant Q1 you will not have any problems during the first two years of use. It has a volume control and Voice Isolation Technology, which gives you the perfect sound you need for your talks and music files. The voice control helps you control your headset only with your voice without pressing any buttons. This makes this headset great and one of the most preferred ones.


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