Monday, December 11

Top 5 Gifts to Give When You’re Broke

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Not everyone will have money to spend on gifts when you’re broke. Maybe times are tough and maybe you are looking for a new way to start the year out right with less debt. These top five gifts to give when you’re broke take into consideration all holidays, events, get-togethers, birthdays and more so give a gift when you’re broke and don’t worry about skipping the party because there’s no money in your pocket.

Regifting When You’re Broke

We have all heard of regifting and though some you feel this practice of giving a gift when you’re broke that someone else paid for is wrong, there is nothing “righter”. Regifting is a means of green gift giving when you’re broke.

Want to make the gift when you’re broke all the more special? Combine several items into a basket or bowl, depending on the items being regifted.

Borrow Food and Give the Gift of Food When You’re Broke

Walk, ride, jog or thumb your way to a family member’s house and borrow a few ingredients. Just because you have no idea how to gift when you’re broke does not mean you can’t cook. Throw together a few ingredients one family member is willing to part with or hit up more than one family member for a full meal. This gift when you’re broke is one that tastes great and touches the heart strings.

Be Creative and Write a Book as a Gift When You’re Broke

You don’t have to be the best writer on the face of the earth to put together a collection of short stories as a gift when you’re broke. Short stories can be original or a retelling of life’s adventures. The cost is nil, at most, as the only thing you need is a computer and printer and those you can borrow from a friend or the local library. This gift when you’re broke can take some time so it’s best to prepare well in advance and start writing today.

Freelance Writers can Give Residual Gifts When You’re Broke

There is nothing better than a gift when you’re broke that keeps on giving. Freelance writers can sign up for an account and link the residual payments to a friend or family member. This may be a gift to give when you’re broke, but it could add up so some serious cash. Don’t write too much for the account, but dedicate one article per day. At first, this gift when you’re broke may seem worthless, but over time it could be worth hundreds of dollars or more.

Pass Off Time as a Gift When You’re Broke

One thing you do have to gift when you’re broke is time. Give a friend or family member time for housework, babysitting or other task instead of spending money on a gift when you’re broke. Broke means no money so there would be nothing to spend anyway. Time is often a powerful gift when you’re broke that people tend to forget or take for granted.


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