Friday, December 15

How To Create Island Pop Up Displays On Your Trade Show Stand

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Island pop up displays are a brilliant way of displaying graphics if you have a large stand space at an exhibition. You can create a focal point that will attract attention no matter what direction they are viewed from.

If you wish to construct island pop up displays, you can easily achieve this by connecting three curved pop up stands in a triangular configuration. The resulting display looks brilliant and the impression conveyed to visitors is that you have probably purchased a custom-made exhibition stand. If you put pop up displays in this three cornered combination, you will hide the structure at the back of each stand and make the whole thing look much more professional.

By having three distinct and separate graphics areas on an island stand, different aspects of your company can be represented, perhaps manufacture, products and service or new products available at the show or a special offer that applies only to new customers at the show.

The size of pop up stand you choose to use to assemble your island pop up display will depend on the floor area you have available. The island stand can be used on a deep stand to form a central display area. If your stand occupies a corner, use smaller pop ups and construct a three cornered pillar that will draw visitors, no matter which direction they are approaching from.

Island pop up displays can be constructed from four pop up stands in a square configuration. Use two longer and two shorter pop up stands to create a rectangle that can look very effective if a large stand is not very deep, but quite long by comparison and this will enable you to create a stunning centrepiece without creating narrow areas that become uninviting to visitors to your stand if they become a little crowded.

Using three or four roller banner stands or similar straight banners could also be used to create a tower display on a corner or these could be placed to define a central area on an open plan stand. The effectiveness of these stands does not require a huge investment in terms of cash but does require some careful thought and planning regarding the graphics panels chosen for maximum effect.
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