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Top Games For The Ipad

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The iPad exemplifies all that Apple does well. It has been one of the fastest selling gadgets ever. With its large screen and touch sensitive interface, gaming can be a joy on this incredible device. Whether you’re a pro gamer or complete beginner, you’ll find at least one highly addictive app in this round up of some of best games currently available on the iPad.

–  Spider: Bryce Manor HD: The aim of this delightful game is make your way through the eerie Bryce Manor as a tiny spider, solving the mystery of the empty house on your way. Screen taps and touches allow you to spin webs, jump and eat bugs as you progress on your journey. There’s plenty of longevity in this addictive game and also a multi-player option. Price £2.99/$4.99 

Madden NFL 11: The latest iPad version of this game makes for an excellent update. Slick visuals, easy touch controls and solid commentary combine to give a thrilling simulation of America’s favourite sport. There are plenty of gameplay options including a full season mode and it also supports Bluetooth multiplayer. Price £0.59/$0.99 

– Pocket Frogs: This incredibly addictive app is free to download though, be warned, it could consume more of your spare time than you’d like! There are 10,000 different frogs to collect. Trade them, breed them, even create homes for them. With masses of options, this brilliant game will keep you busy for weeks. Price: Free 

I Dig It: Use you digger to go underground and hunt for buried treasure in this visually great app. Upgrade your vehicle as you unearth more treasure and dig even deeper. But beware! Digging too deep may lead to fuel shortages or engine trouble. Price: £3.99/$6.99 

– Real Golf: This highly recommended golf simulation comprises one slick package. It features a variety of different gameplay options (ranging from career mode to 4-ball match play), supports multi-player via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and has plenty of famous golfers and courses to choose from. The result is a solid offering and fine game of golf! Price: £3.99/$6.99  

– Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars: GTA keep the series fresh and exciting with the release of Chinatown Wars for the iPad. A solid storyline, superb cutscenes, highly playable characters and exceptional gameplay make this an essential app for your device. Price: £5.99/$8.99 

– Catan HD: This is a conversion of the popular board game Settlers of Catan, and very well done it is too. The aim is dominate the (beautifully) rendered board in turn-based gameplay. This app will please all strategy gamers both new and old. Take on friends or the effective computer Ai. It’s just a shame there is no Wi-Fi multiplayer option. Price £2.99/$4.99

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