Tuesday, December 12

Growing Cabbages 101

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If you grow cabbage in your backyard garden, you will surely be able to save money and experience sauerkraut and coleslaw in a whole new different way, being so natural and personally made. However, growing your own cabbage is not that easy, nor is it too difficult. In order to make it easy, let me share with you some tips in cabbage growing.

All plants and crops call for care and attention. And the good news about cabbage is that they can easily thrive in both cold and hot environments. With that being said, we still need to help the cabbage grow properly so that the harvest will be bountiful. Now let us go over some things to know and remember when growing cabbages.

1. When it comes to nutrients, cabbages are heavy feeders. Ordinary healthy soil can normally do the work. There is a method that you can follow if you want a bigger and healthier cabbage. Add some organic fertilizers on the soil before planting starts. Composted manure is one example of an organic fertilizer.

2. Remove weeds or any unwanted plants carefully. This step is very important since cabbages have very shallow roots. Consider this when performing cultivation.

3. Read about crop rotation schemes in planting crops. In addition, avoid planting your cabbage near other brassicas, namely: broccoli, cauliflower and brussel sprout, because of the possible disease infestation.

4. In relation to number 3, you need to understand the best time for planting. The best time for planting cabbages are during winter months. More specifically, the last three to four weeks, up to the early fall season.

5. Plant your cabbage together with tomatoes and garlic. This usually helps repel pests as well as keeps your cabbage plants healthy.

6. Five to six hours of sunlight everyday would make your cabbage thrive for sure.

Like other plants, make sure that your cabbages are watered on a regular basis, particularly when their heads are still in the process of forming. When they completely form, stop watering them to prevent the cabbage head from growing too fast and splitting.


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