Wednesday, December 13

Is There Justice or Injustice Only?

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just vouple of hours ago, vizconde massacre has been decided. worst decision that proof that there is no justice in our beloved country philippines. how could juries choose to acquits the accused. i can’t believe it that after so many years the court acquits them. \

on many networking site many says that they felt pity both sides for hubert and the rest of the accused missed the time wasted for 15 years but for me, it’s not enough those time they spent i jail for what they did.

hubert webb and the rest of the accused are certainly not pitiful.they are just the proof that our justice here is not reliable, unfair for it is only for powerful people like them not for ordinary people.our juries and and judges are worth nothing but just for display. better for them to be killed as well as the accused.

justice in our country is very much impossible. and it is also impossible that it may change for better but for worse might be possible. it hurts too much that after 20 years in court the bottomline is the accused are acquitted. how could majority of the juries acquitted them?is it for money?or for the reason that they are afraid of those powerful people.

eversince i learned to talk & understand things of things, there’s no justice i have been heard only if you put justice in your arms like what real rebels did. i may sounds a rebel but yes, it’s true. that’s rebellion in our country can’t be eliminated because our government,our justice is unfair.

so, now tell me, can we have justice?

how much more that maguidanao massacre? our governmet always says that they have to look closer to that case. but remember, the accuse are ampatuan family, powerful, lots of money. then, how pitiful for the victims. they are just ordinary people, who have no lots of money to fight, if vizconde has been denied even if he had that enough money to fight.

now tell me, if that justice is stil be justice…

to whom it may concerned, those juries, judges, are you put there for display or just to waste money that has being payed from us as taxpayer.

people wake up!!!

i may sound like a rebel but that is our government.


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