Monday, December 18

The Emperor Forever

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I guess answer must be the great Roger Federer and I think its true. Others may support Rafa or some may say that Pete Sam is the best one. I do agree with that they too are the great players but in my view Fedex is just amazing.

You see there was a time when he palyed lets say 100 matches in a year and he had won 98 of them.It was somehow impossible to beat him. However Rafa gave him tough time there. He was on a winning train and wasnt looking to be defeated or was not in the mood to stop.

But from the past two years many horrible things are done to him and one time he was not playing his 20 % tennis game. Some said it is the decline of the great Fedex. However he did manage him self not to be out of top 3 rankings.

The best thing there was that he didnt lose his hope for the best he fought for it which shows us why he is the best player of the world.

We Pray that he might gain his previous winning streak and want him to win the grand sal,m in style.

Best of Luck Fedex


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