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Women Sufferers Of Cateminal Epilepsy

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Cateminal Seizures

the brain, so complexthe brain, so complex

Many women with a seizure disorder or epilepsy report to have the majority of their seizures just before, during or just after their menstrual cycle. I am one of them women. As a women you already feel several discomforts within your own skin when it is just about that time to start your period. You may have the bloating, back pain, tender breasts, headaches, irritability, cravings and so on. What if on top of those discomforts you had a fear of your menstrual cycle from month to month, because you knew it could lead to a hospital visit because it triggered a seizure in you.

Although a very scary thought, many women suffers of epilepsy go through this on a month to month basis. Due to hormone fluctuations that occur during the menstrual cycle seizure frequency is likely to increase.

It is said that the brain contains several nerve cells that are affected by estrogen and progesterone which are the main sex hormones in women that also effect the “excitability” of brain cells. The rise of estrogen and the fall of progesterone both individually can influence seizure activity.

Strategies to Help Reduce Cateminal Seziures

reduce the frequencyreduce the frequency

While a task that is often about trial and error, cateminal seizures may be reduced by incorporating a few strategies.

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