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About a month ago I stumbled upon a great website called, and if you’re into any kind of music, you should definitely pay it a visit. But first, find out more about it in this article. On you can share your music with your friends, and also discover new artists and songs. You can find out what other members have similar taste and discuss music in the forums.

All you have to do is start a profile. You can fill in some personal information about yourself if you want to share this, add a picture, etc. The usual stuff. Then you can install the Last.fmscrobbler, which ‘scrobbles’ the music you play on your media player to the website. This means whenever you listen to a song in for example Itunes, the scrobbler sends this information to the website and the song is placed on your profile.

Once you have listened to some songs, you will see an overview of which artists and which songs you have played the most. You can also ‘visit your neighbours’, these are the members of that have the most similar taste. This way, you can visit their profiles and maybe discover new artists you could like.

If you don’t live in the UK, US or Germany you get a free 30-track trial of the Radio. After you’ve listened to these 30 tracks, you need a subscription to continue listening to this radio. This only costs €3 per month. However, you can still use the for free if you just want your own music to be listed on there. is really easy to use, you just install the scrobbler, choose which media player you will use and start listening! Click here to join.

(If you want to become my friend, my name is EvaIsAwesome.)


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