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Tips For Planning a Bridal Shower

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The Wedding Date is Creeping Up Fast

The wonderful couple has announced their engagement and has set a wedding date. All of the plans for the wedding are coming together, and the wedding date is quickly approaching. There are so many things to be done, many that can’t be completed until close to the last minute. The Bridal Shower should definitely not be one of those last thing’s on the list. The Bridal Shower should be a stress free, relaxing, fun, gift giving day for the bride to be. The Bridal Shower should be a day to just what the name implies, shower the bride and show her love and support.

Here are a few ways to make sure the Bridal Shower runs as smooth as possible.

Who Should Host

Since this is a day for the bride, we can first agree that the bride shouldn’t be throwing her own bridal shower. Many brides have done this in the past, but it is something that should not be done. In my own experiences, it has been so much more exciting if the bride has little knowledge of the bridal shower, except for those people that she would really like to have invited.

The Bridal Shower is typically thrown by the bridal party in conjunction with the mother of the bride. Close friends and family members could also host the shower. As long as the shower is planned with the bride’s best interests in mind, then everything should work out smoothly.

When should it be held

This event should typically be planned one to two months before the actual wedding. Be sure to keep in mind the bride’s schedule. The closer to the wedding the busier she will be. If you are able to have the bridal shower within the one to two month bracket that works best everyone at that point will be excited about the upcoming event so the wedding will be on the mind.

How long should it last

A good time frame is usually estimated at two hours for the event. It is not too long and not to short. Allows people to still have time to do what they need to do with the rest of their day, since most bridal showers are held on the weekend and that is usually a time where people spend relaxing and doing their grocery shopping, and other personal things.

Where Will it be held

The best thing about a bridal shower is there are so many choices as to where the event could take place. Depending on your budget and what you are looking for, the bridal shower can take place at one of the hosts homes in a living room or basement, you can rent a hall, or have it at one of the bride’s favorite restaurant. If you choose to go with a venue such a restaurant, it is best if that place offers a private banquet area that can be rented or used. You want the event to be as intimate as possible, so you don’t want to have to worry about other people that you don’t know sharing in the occasion.

Who should be invited

You should first decide how many people you plan to invite to the event. The guest list should consist of some of the bride’s closest friends. Remember you are just the host so inviting all of your friend’s is not the route to go, unless the bride too is good friends with them.

One rule that you should always abide by is to ensure that all of the guests who are invited to the bridal shower are also guests who the couple have invited to the wedding. It is a little bit insulting to be invited to the bridal shower and not the wedding. If they weren’t invited to the wedding, they are going to think they are only invited to the shower for the sake of another gift. So be considerate in that area.

What Should they eat

In most cases finger foods are ideal for events such as this. Since the event is only going to last around two hours, and there will be alot to accomplish within that time frame, such a eating, socializing, opening of gifts and reading cards. Finger foods can be served at room temperature and usually makes clean up easier.

If you have booked the shower to be at a restaurant, some places offer a menu that is geared towards showers events which will offer finger type foods, or you can choose to order your food from their regular menu.

Just like every other step in the planning process, if you ensure that the bride will be delighted then you cannot go wrong.


Games are a big part of the shower. Some people love the games and others could do with out. However, a shower is not a shower without at least a few games being played.

You can take a look at your guest list, and most likely if you are the one planning the event you will be familiar with most of the guests on the list. You will know their style and what type of games they may enjoy playing.

Some games are easier played with smaller crowds so when planning your games, take that into consideration.

You can browse the internet for a variety of games to play with the bride and the guest.


You can decorate nicely for the shower without spending alot of money. You don’t need to over due it with decorations, sometimes more is less. Pick out a color scheme, some balloons (helium banner balloons are always nice), banners, streamers, or whatever completes the look you are going for.

Nice center pieces can be purchased or made, depending on how much creative energy you are willing to put into it.

Prizes and Party Favours

It is always nice to have prizes available for the winner or winners of the games you play. Everyone no matter what age likes to win something. This makes the games alot more fun and also encourages more participation. It is also nice to have a few extra so you can do a draw of names or numbers randomly throughout the shower.

Show the guests you appreciate them coming out to celebrate. Party favors can be set out on the tables for when guests arrive, or handed out near the end of the event. There is really no going wrong with when they are handed out as long as each person leaves with a token of appreciation and a memory of the day.

Enjoy the day

If you plan the event with enough time allowed, and follow the guidelines you should have a successful day. The Bride will be filled with joy to see her friends and family there to wish her all the best. It should be a stress free day, filled with good food, fun & games, lots of socializing and gift giving for the bride.


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