Friday, December 15

Applying Your Psychology

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Get motivated, no matter what you plan to do, just do it. Have new interests to stimulate you.

Improve your skills, your leadership skills, allow others of their opinions, and be willing to be creative.

Be a better communicator, this is more than just writing and speaking, improve on your expressions non-verbally,

have eye contact when in front of your audience, get your message ou there be skilful.

Learn to understand others better, emotional intelligence, is an ability for you to understand your emotions and of  others too.

Have your information recorded in a journal you will learn more about your emotions.

Be accurate when making decisions, learn to make wiser decisions, have anew technique when that allows you to know your score of improvement.

Your memory should be improved, focus on what you have the information required, avoid distractions and take out what you don’t need on your list.

Be wise about your financial decisions, act now not later, do what you talk about, finish your tasks, don’t leave unfinished projects this makes you a procrastinator. Make great choices and show interest in what you do.

Improve your grades, start immediately, change and you will achieve greatly too.

Show productivity,  don’t do multi tasking, try not to do too many tasks at one time, focus on your subjects and  eliminate what distracts you.

Your health should be good, most important to you, without good health you can’t do much, encourage yourself to do regular exercising.


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