Monday, December 18

Do You Eat Dark Chocolate

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You should have dark chocolate, because not all chocolate is made equally. Dark chocolate is plant-derived, and is healthy for your heart. Having a little is good for you but in moderation.

This chocolate is made from plants as you know fruit and vegetables are healthy for you so trust dark chocolate too. The flavonoids  which acts as antioxidants, this protects you from aging which as you know is caused by free radicals, if you are familiar with the process

A small bar eaten daily an help your heart to run well, helps for high blood pressure, is a benefit if you have lower cholesterol.  It tastes good, and has a great flavour. Can be a antidepressant, some of the fats doesn’t have an effect on your cholesterol.

Well you shouldn’t go over board with eating chocolate, it is still has high calories, if you have a small bar of chocolate daily cut down on other sweets. Skip the nougat and fillings go more for dark chocolate and nuts. Don’t have milk to wash away the chocolate this prevents the antioxidants from getting into your system, dark chocolate is good in small combinations.

When you eat chocolate you feel good the reason for this is because chocolate in general contains five hundred natural chemical compounds, it releases endorphins in your brain which gives you that great feeling about chocolate when eaten.


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