Sunday, December 17

Your Personality Type

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You may think the that values, skills and your interests make your personality type not really.  This apparently works for some people, these are not the most important factors in life over time it changes for most of us.

You were born with your personality. A personality that is amazinglysimilarin many ways. Career choices and successes make that similarity.  Your personalitytypedoesn’tchange, you grow older andchangein some ways but if you still a motivator, and can still think and act on issues this makes you remain constant.

If you havea careerfit for you this will allow you to gain strength and go forward with work, ifyour jobis not for you it will drain you out of your energy, and this won’t let you be as successful.  Understanding your ways, career, learningaboutyourtypemay create ways in doing this, which is satisfying needs, and recognising your weaknesses and strengths.

Your personality type is very important to you this is how you represent your character to others in situations and at your work place.  Some people answer questions by the wishful thinking of who they fantasize to be, and not about who they actually are.  You should answer truthfully to know more about you.

Don’t think too much know what you are up against, some people don’t have an idea of how they will react on certain circumstances, be true to yourself.

You can take a quizzes to know your personality type unless you already do.



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