Friday, December 15

In Our Modern World, we Use Huge Quantities of Electricity in Our Homes in Public Places

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You have learned much about your environment. You know that its mountains, valleys, rivers, seas, forests and wildlife need to be looked after carefully. You know that the air we breathe and the water we drink can easily be polluted. You have learnt about the importance of conserving the earth’s resources, of reducing the amount of all the materials that we use. You also know that the best way of doing this is to reuse and recycle as much as we can.

In our modern world, we use huge quantities of electricity in our homes in public places. That electricity can be produced by burning coal or oil. The earth’s supplies of these resources will not last forever. It has become necessary to find other ways of producing electricity for all our needs. One of the earliest ways was to make it from the running water of a river. Today scientists have found ways to convert solar energy from the sun into electricity. They have also been able to use the energy from wind and the waves of the sea to get electricity. These sources are called renewable sources of energy. Unlike coal and oil, their supplies will not run out.

*hydro power

*solar collector panels on a rooftop in Tucson, Arizona, glitter in the sun. Heated by the sun’s rays, fluid in the panels circulates throughout the house, providing heat and hot water. This method can also be used to heat swimming pools.

The environment we live in is not only the natural environment described above. Every country has it own cultural environment as well- it languages and arts, dance, music and buildings. Each country needs to preserve its own culture. In India there are more than fourteen major languages; there is a great variety of dress, music and dance. People in different parts of India eat many interesting kinds of food. As you grow older and travel to other parts of our country, you will find out more about these and enjoy.

It has now become important for each country in the world to think not only of itself, but also of its neighbors.


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