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Sex Made Him a Saint

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Human life is wonderful. There is often a single moment which can make an ordinary man change into a saint. That single moment becomes the changing spark that can bring significant enlightenment into a man’s life.  It can light in a man a fire that transforms him into a saint.

A Man after Sex

Tulsidas was the husband of Buddhimati, also called Ratnavali. She was a lady of enticing beauty and charm. They had a son whose name was Tarak. Tulsidas was passionately attached to his wife for the carnal pleasures through her presence. Even a day’s separation from her was unbearable to him. His mind was always pondering over the pleasures of flesh. He could think of nothing else.

A Journey after Sex

One day his wife went to her father’s house without informing Tulsidas. He could not bear the sudden separation. He waned her o be with him then and there. He decides to meet her by all means. He faces a storm which his passion could brave easily. He had to cross a flooded river on a floating log. The instinct of sex forced Tulsidas go stealthily to see Ratnavali at night at his father-in-law’s house climbing a vine outside the house.

The Significant Moment

The sudden visit of Tulsidas at the dead of night produced a sense of shame in Ratnavali. She could not bear the limitless passion of her husband. She showed him with the help of a torch that the log he used to cross the river was actually a copse and the vine he used to find access to her was actually a python. She further said to Tulsidas, “My body is nothing but a network of flesh and bones. If you could develop for Lord Rama even half the love and passion that you have for my filthy body, you would certainly cross the ocean of Samsara (life on this earth) and attain immortality and eternal bliss”. These words at a significant moment pierced the heart of Tulsidas like an arrow.

The Significant Change

The berating words of his wife that he was spending all his time thinking of the pleasures of the flesh made him understand the decaying nature of the human body. Her words became the spark that ignited in him the devotion towards Rama. He became a man of change. He did not stay there with his wife even for a moment. He abandoned home and became an ascetic. He went on a journey of search and spent fourteen years in visiting numerous pilgrimage sites, in his quest for Lord Rama, spiritually changing his bent of mind. When he was staying in Ayodhya, which was his main stay, it is said that he sighted a vision of Lord Rama who inspired him to compose the Ramayana in Awadhi, the common language spoken by the people then.

Tulsidas Becomes a Hindu Saint

Tulsidas traveled all over the country spreading the message of the ‘Love of Rama’. He preached about the wonderful creation of woman and the evil effects of lust. He was an instrument of religious harmony between the Hindus and Muslims at crucial time when Islam was being spread in India promoted by the Muslim rulers. His preaching of tolerance could avoid unnecessary bloodshed in the country.


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