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What Is Scholarship And The Conditions Scholarships Are Given

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Scholarship is a financial assistance to a student who is interested in acquiring further education but normally, is not able to afford it due to poor financial conditions or any other reason. There are also some other cases where a scholarship is awarded to a student.

A scholarship covers normally two to four years of graduate or post graduate education.  An award of scholarship can have many criteria attached to it. It can either be need based, in which case a student is awarded a scholarship depending on the financial position of his or her family, which is judged by experts from the scholarship awarding body and by looking at the cost of attendance at the intended college or university.

Also, a scholarship can be merit based, in which case a student’s abilities in various fields are measured such as his or her academic qualifications, his or her community service records, achievements in sports et cetera.

Additionally, a scholarship can also be profession based, for instance, colleges and universities would award scholarships to students only if they pursue a specific field such as nursing which is in high demand, so, students willing to pursue their education in these fields will be awarded scholarships.

Last but not the least is a criterion which is student specific. For instance a particular race or minority group may be preferred by scholarship awarding bodies and offered scholarships to bring children from these groups in the mainstream and give them a chance equal to those available to children of majority groups.

Some scholarship may have ‘bond’ requirements attached to them. For instance, scholarships may be awarded on the condition that the person being awarded the scholarship would have to work in a particular area for a predetermined amount of time, say one year or two years. This normally happens when a scholarship is awarded to people coming from rural or backward areas or in fields of study which are desperately required by rural folk.

When it comes to find scholarships in your case, it might be a good idea to ask the authorities at your school or local administration offices and they would help you.


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