Wednesday, December 13

What's Become of Love

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                  What’s Become of Love

 I don’t know how we got this way.  Only caring for ones self; disregarding the feelings of the ones closest to us for our own pleasure.  I have read of a time when we loved one another enough that we would do anything to protect that love.  A time when ten minutes of physical pleasure was not enough to make a man give up a lifetime of love and support.  But like I said , I’ve read of that time.  You don’t even get a glimpse of such an era in movies anymore.  You have to go back in literature two or three hundred years just to get close. 

Why is it that when it comes to love there’s always one person in the relationship that doesn’t love back?  The other gives every ounce of themselves every last little piece of who they are always loving always selfless never thinking about the harm done to themselves in the process.  How can you see someone care about you this much and still search for love elsewhere as though the bottomless love you already receive is not good enough as though you deserve better than the best?  The ones that don’t love back only learn the truth about how perfect their love was when it’s gone.  What a sad state we’re living in.  Do we really loathe ourselves so

Even the lovers do it.  By loving one person so much they seem to forget about the people that were there loving them all along and they just kind of fall to the way side as though love doesn’t count unless there’s a physicality to it even though it’s that physical side to love that inevitably destroys it.  So here we are all just as guilty as the next for not returning ones love and being to frigid to look past ourselves.  What can we do?  Perhaps we should quit living in such a delusional state that we believe we deserve better than we do, maybe someone needs to come along and burst our ever growing bubble so to speak.

I find it so sad that men fall astray from the women that love them just to impress another man with how many girls or what kind he can bang and throw away.  Isn’t there something almost homosexual about that?  Why should it matter to a man what another man thinks?  Is he planning on waking up with that man every morning and lying with him every night?  Is this man you’re so worried about impressing going to give you children to carry on your name or sit beside you on your deathbed praying for just one more hour with you?  I can tell you for a fact unless you fall mutually into gay love the answer is a big fat no with laughter following.  Why not worry about impressing the people that really count; like your wife and children.  Their the ones that see you as a hero their the ones that live for you and would in a heartbeat die for you.  So why don’t they matter, why don’t they count?

When will we learn again that family is everything, when will we learn that when we damage our loved ones we’re destroying ourselves?

Women are no exception, we just typically tend to sabotage our non sexual relations for the sexual relation.  Completely disregarding our fathers and friends for a man who may or may not truly love you.  Chances are they don’t and we subconsciously know this, but we dote on them to no end anyway never caring that the other men in our lives that indeed do love us have faded into the scenery.

So, you see we are all guilty of pushing away true love and excepting love that we do not deserve.  It appears as though it’s a never ending pattern of pain and heartache.  I don’t  think we will ever be wise enough or humble enough to change it.  Chances are you will read this,and  feel guilty for a fleeting moment then forget it once you see a short skirt or a fat wallet that can replace daddy.  With that in mind my unsolicited advice is if you’re feeling the gut wrenching pain of your love going astray look at yourself and see who’s love you’ve disregarded for the love that hurts you so.


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