Monday, December 11

About Literature

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Speaking problems Literature, as well as on the definition of literature, there are many statements that interpret the notion of literature itself. One of them is a sense of literary creation, a creation not primarily an imitation (Van Luxemburg: Introduction to Literary Studies) or mentioned that the literature is a spontaneous outburst. In this article, the authors tried also to interpret some of the understanding of literature. understanding of literature by the author is a series of aspirations that seek to convey it through various media either written or in person. In essence, the work of literature itself in the present has to be created in such a way that it can become a work of a commercial. Just like a recipe creation, that works of literature now, which is different is a presentation of literature. Presentation of works of literature that is not followed by the liver will look lifeless. A work that only aim with an assessment of the material will be exhausted in his time, like a fashion trend that comes and goes. Unlike the case with poets in ancient times, they wrote based on things and events that they experience directly or based on observations that are directly involved blending and feel. Thus, the authors interpret the notion of literature itself. Thus,
depends on peer to peer interpret what the heck it …??? LITERATURE
Literary forms such as:
Poetry or rhyme
Short story


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