Saturday, December 16

Interview Etiquette

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Success and failure in an interview solely rests in the hands of the interviewee. The first step towards a successful interview is adhering to proper interview etiquette. These are some important points to remember :-

  • Be ready with at least two copies of your Resume or C.V.

  • Always ask permission to enter the room. Only on conformation should you enter.

  • Unless the interviewer asks you to sit, remain in a standing postion.If he doesn’t ask you to sit even after some time, ask permission politely.

  • Make eye contact throughout the interview. Avoid looking at other objects in the room or looking down.

  • Always keep a smile on your face. Even if you are scared your expression should not give you away.

  • Project a confident attitude when speaking .

  • Unless specified always start with a self introduction. Be prepared with the elevator pitch.

  • Listen attentively to the questions asked and clarify or rephrase if you are not clear about something.

  • Never give mono syllabic answers. Make it a point to explain with suitable examples.

  • Never joke with the interviewer even if he seems too friendly.

  • Never lose your cool. In stress interview the interviewer incites you purposefully to test your threshold level of tolerance.

  • Don’t be emotional while explaining personal details. If possible avoid personal issues.

  • Be ready with questions to ask him towards the end of the interview .The interviewer is expecting you to ask relevant questions.

  • Be sure to thank the interviewer for his time before you leave the interview area.

Now you are all set to grab that dream job. All the Best!


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