Tuesday, December 12

Nutrition is An Interior Massage

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Holistic healing is known to seek the cause of a symptom rather than treat only a symptom. Holistic methods honor a whole person and treat causes. Also, holistic healing uses feelings, herbs and nutrition for healing, which a conventional medical system often overlooks. We know that drugs and surgery are used by conventional medicine. Do you know that recovery is needed from surgery? In non-holistic healing, treatment is often traumatic. The lack of trauma in holistic healing is why we call holistic remedies non-invasive. Consider massage, a non-invasive treatment. Massage generates blood flow in the skin and the tissue below the skin. Provoking flow of blood is generally always healing. Using good nutrition is actually a form of massage deep inside every cell of your body. As proper nutrition reaches you on a cellular level, your fluids, vitamins and hormones all flow more efficiently. Although such healing is deep in the interior of your body, nutrition is considered non-invasive, and holistic. Have you ever feel relieved of a grudge? Stopping your own anger is an increase of flow of feelings. Spiritual activity, prayer or meditation can be a relief from stagnation of thoughts. By provoking flow of feelings and thoughts, meditation and prayer can be considered another form of massage.


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